The Isotope Record of Local Elements Synthesis and Formation of the Solar System.

  O. K. Manuel,

Chemistry Department,
 University of Missouri,
 Rolla, MO 65401

Evidence for formation of the solar system from heterogeneous debris of a supernova (SN) is recorded in meteorites as inter-linked chemical and isotopic heterogeneities, "mirror-image" isotopic anomalies, and isotopic heterogeneities that correlate with a) levels of extinct radioactivity and b) grain size of the earliest condensate. The discovery of planets orbiting a collapsed SN core [Science 264, 538 (1994)] and pictures from the Hubble telescope of bipolar nebulae produced by asymmetric stellar explosions [Astronomy, pp. 36-43 (Feb. 1997)] show that chemical and isotopic heterogeneities can be preserved in stellar debris [JINC 43, 2207 (1981)]. If the Sun formed on the SN core and seeds of inner planets grew in a central Fe-rich region, Fe should be a major element in the Sun's interior.